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Terms and Conditions

General conditions of use for the Supreme Diet

The website is managed by Velstand Online, a company registered in Romania by the Romanian Companies Register under number J08/276/2016, with its registered office at

Velstand Online

8 Stadionului Str.
500064 BRASOV

Velstand Online has the VAT number: RO35619094.

If you have any queries about how Velstand Online uses your personal data please contact us at

Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

The general conditions of use herein (the “General Conditions”) govern the relations between you and the company Velstand Online. They define the way in which you will be able to use the Site and the online products sold on the Site by Velstand Online (the “Supreme Diet”)

Velstand Online customer service can be reached by e-mail at

Please read the contents of this document carefully before accessing or using the Site and buying the Supreme Diet.

1- Acceptance of the general conditions for use

By accessing or using our Site, you accept the terms of the General Conditions herein. If you do not wish to be subject to these General Conditions, you are not authorised to access or use the Site or the Supreme Diet. In this case, we would ask you to cease any use of the Site or the Supreme Diet.
Velstand Online may change the General Conditions at any time, and any modifications shall be effective immediately. Users are thus advised to refer to them regularly.

2- Description of the Services – orders – delivery

Velstand Online provides its users with Online Products designated as follows:

·         A .pdf file that will be send by e-mail to the Customer containing a diet plan consisting of the 2 phases of the Supreme Diet, the daily proposals for customisable menus (the “Supreme Diet”)  and another useful aditional information.

This description of the Supreme Diet proposed is neither comprehensive nor final, and Velstand Online reserves the right to change the procedures for implementing the Supreme Diet or to add services or new characteristics, with the sole aim of improving the quality of the products on offer.

To place an order, you just need to complete the form from the order page and you must then immediately pay for it according to the procedures described in article 3 below.

If you interrupt or stop the ongoing Plan for any reason (such as pregnancy, illness, holidays and so on), no refund may be granted to you.

3- Payment methods and security

The Services are only available after users have made their payment. Credit card and Paypal online payment method is proposed and users accept the financial and invoicing conditions by buying the Service for a flat rate. Payment must be made in full by users in order to receive delivery of the Supreme Diet.

Velstand Online reserves the right to change the price of the Supreme Diet at any time and without communicating the reason to users, it being stipulated that prices will remain unchanged for any contracts currently under way.

All the payment solutions proposed provide optimum conditions of security and confidentiality. Velstand Online reserves the right to permanently or temporarily cancel, suspend or modify any of the payment conditions proposed, at any time and without communicating the reason to users, in order to improve the quality of its customers online experience.

In the case where payment is refused Velstand Online will not send the .pdf file containing the Supreme Diet to the customer.

4- Guarantee of total satisfaction:

The promised results can be obtained only if you fully respect the food plan and the steps explained in the PDF document received by email following the online ordering of the Supreme Diet and payment of the counterfeit through PayPal.

We offer a 200% guarantee that our product was created to get the promised results in the PDF document received by email. The 200% guarantee assumes:

– We will refund if you do not get the promised results within 30 days of your diet

– We’re letting you keep the Supreme Diet plan indefinitely

You benefit from a 200% guarantee only if you can demonstrate that the Supreme Diet has not helped you get the promises made in the PDF document received by email. We accept as evidence:

– pictures / videos with the meals you have consumed or sports activities, demonstrating that you have followed the diet

– links / printscreens from the online environment (to see the date) that show that you have fully followed the diet

– pictures / video showing your weight before and after the diet (including the date of making these pictures / videos)

5- Communication of personal data and protection of privacy

Personal data that users are asked to provide to Velstand Online on its site, such as their surname, first name and electronic or postal address, are processed by Velstand Online for the sole purpose of managing the provision of the Supreme Diet and/or answering any questions you may put to them. These personal data are processed according to the principles of confidentiality and the protection of privacy, in compliance with the regulations in force, and will be transferred to no third parties.

You can exercise your rights regarding your personal data by contacting us at this e-mail address:

Read more about the personal data Privacy Policy here

6- Users’ commitments

Users shall communicate all necessary information to take care of all orders.

Users are responsible for all consequences from transmitting false or inexact information.

Users shall undertake not to sell the Supreme Diet or use it for commercial purposes.

Users shall undertake not to use the Site or the Supreme Diet for illegal purposes, and notably not to transmit messages contrary to public order or accepted standards of behaviour, or any defamatory comments or elements jeopardising the privacy of third parties; and not to transmit information that could harm the rights of Velstand Online or the other users in any way.

Users shall undertake to guarantee and pay damages potentially accrued to Velstand Online when using the Supreme Diet and/or by violating the current terms and conditions.

Testimonials and Photos:

By sharing any testimonials or photos to Velstand Online, the User authorises the following rights to the company:

1.) The rights to stock, share and reproduce the testimonials and photos and any information associated with it, notably on the website and any site associated with the company, in addition to utilising to any database.

2.) The user undertakes to accept that Velstand Online can utilise a part or all of the testimonials, information and photos received and to modify as need be (such as adding a logo, reframing, reworking the image).

This authorisation is valid worldwide for a period of 10 years counting the day of publication of the photos. The User has the right to retract any testimonial or information provided at any moment by sending a letter addressed to Velstand Online.

7 – Important Advisory

The use of the Supreme Diet is reserved for people in good physical and psychological health. In the event of any doubt, users are recommended to consult their general practitioner BEFORE buying it.

The Supreme Diet is not recommended for vegetarian people.
The menus do not take into account vegetarian particularities.

Please note that this diet is NOT suitable for the following persons:

·         Pregnant and/or breastfeeding women

·         suffering from chronic diseases

·         suffering from diabetes

·         suffering from eating disorders

When paying, users affirm that they are not affected by any of the following cases: insulin dependent diabetes, eating disorders, cardiac insufficiency, renal insufficiency, subject to a current major depression, current pregnancy, current breastfeeding, being a vegetarian.

Under NO circumstances may any of the reasons indicated above be accepted in a request for cancellation.

Users make use of the Supreme Diet at their sole responsibility, whatever their state of health at the time they are buying it, and throughout their use of the diet.

Velstand Online’s medical liability may not therefore be incurred in any manner whatsoever.

8 – Indemnification

Users shall undertake to guarantee and indemnify Velstand Online against any damage, complaint or claim coming from third parties concerning Velstand Online, their use of the Site and/or the Supreme Diet, the infringement of the General Conditions herein or the rights of other persons.

9 – Limitation of responsibility

The site is merely a site providing information on nutrition and diet. Under no circumstances may the information and services proposed in this site be used to draw up a medical diagnosis concerning your weight or health. The information given in this site can never replace an examination by a general practitioner, specialist or any other health professional.

Furthermore, the recommendations contained in the Site may not be suited to people who are following a particular diet prescribed by a doctor, in the context of a specific pathology (as with patients with diabetes, gluten intolerance or a celiac disease, a food allergy and certain renal diseases) or pregnancy.

11- Ownership rights

Users shall acknowledge and accept that the content of the Site and the Supreme Diet, including but not limited to texts, software, music, sounds, photographs, videos, drawings and other material contained in the Site and/or the Supreme Diet and/or in any communication addressed by Velstand Online to the users are protected by intellectual property rights, brand rights, patent rights and any other right recognised by the laws in force. Users are not authorised to copy, use, reproduce, distribute or create works derived from the content of Velstand Online’s services ( or any Velstand Online’s Supreme Diet social media posts)

Users may formulate comments concerning the Site and/or the Supreme Diet. The content of any feedback sent to Velstand Online shall be considered non-confidential and free of all rights. Velstand Online may freely use the ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in these communications for information, without restriction, for reproducing and disclosing any information to third parties.

12- Notification

All notifications from users concerning the General Conditions herein, the Site or the Supreme Diet must be made in writing, and can be sent by e-mail to the following address:

13- Miscellaneous

The General Conditions herein constitute the entire agreement made between Velstand Online and the user as concerns the use of the Site and the Supreme Diet, and replaces any agreement on the same subject that may have previously taken place between the user and Velstand Online.

If any of the stipulations of these General Conditions is deemed illicit or inapplicable by any competent court, it shall be considered as deleted and shall not affect the validity of the other stipulations.

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